Berahile is a small town with mostly stone houses at a distance of ± 110km from Mekele and half way the Danakil Depression. It not only is the salt market for the Afar people, but also the place to get permits for tourism into the Dallol or Danakil Depression.  an interesting place as this is the transition town from the Tigray province to the Afar province with all the changes that one can imagine: From Tigray capital Mekele, 2,100masl, one passes from the cool Ethiopian highlands of more than 2000m to the 8th lowest point on Earth, the Danakil Depression at -115m below sea level. The highland population being Tigray Christians, while the the Afar people in the lowlands are Muslims, many of which are pastoral semi-nomads, living in wind-shielded huts built from woven mats to protect the Afar from the harshest of the climates of Ethiopia.

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