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Danakil Depression Tours is a sister company of Aman Ethiopia Tour & Travel which is established mainly to offer a best tour services to Danakil Depression which is one of is one of the world's most spectacular landscapes: a vast area of uplifted thick salt deposits affected by intense fumaroles activity.

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Our purpose is to assure the safety of our clients that are traveling to Danakil Depression with arranging group and private tours to Danakil Depression and Ertale and for all our clients we have different optional tours to Danakil Depression and Eratle starting from Addis Ababa , Mekelle ,and Semera & Lalibela

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Ethiopian Office:
Wase Building 3rd Floor Ayer Tena, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251912353133 (Mr. Amanuel Assefa )

United Kingdom Office:
+447502039388 (Ms Mahalet Hailu )